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Biolumonesence- In Transit by Li-Kiada Biolumonesence- In Transit :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 6 3
If I ever get the time
And the money
and the drive
I think I have a plan.
If and When
I can.
There is a place
where the weird and wonderful play.
Where a man rolls around
with a funky bass guitar  
swirled to psychedelic perfection
And dancers break
everything but their
A boardwalk long
and glorious
and hot
Cooled by the smoke of hookahs
and an ocean breeze.
musicians camp
Selling their wears
for cents
Independent filmmakers
(so close to the land
of glitz and glamour)
welcome you to their shot.
Your inclusion makes it Real.
Your hair is stuck by salt,
it stands out all over.
But still everybody
casts a sidelong glance
at everybody.
Beauty in shared smiles
This place is not clean
But don't dare dismiss it's dirt
as worthless
Brought from the city
in loving hands
and back pockets
scrawled onto every open surface
This place is nothing
without its dirt.
What others consider
We see as
not so legal Art.
On one open place
one wall
a corner ra
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 2 0
Driven Mad
The drought has driven us all mad
                                      he beats down on the back of our necks
as he forms
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 2 0
First love.
She was a blonde.
I think.
See, it was so long ago,
and her hair was covered.
As a married woman's always was.
And I think I remember,
her hair was blonde.
It stuck out from her  sheitel
She had green eyes.
I think.
See, it was so long ago,
All I can see are the glasses.
The floor was closer,
the doors were bigger.
I think I remember this.
My own hair had been cut again,
pudgy hands had done little more
than entangle Bubble Yum in the curls
And Peanut butter had just induced
A violent slobber attack
from Mucky.
(I had been told
he owes his name to me.
Originally he had been Lucky
Jumped on the table and Became
I was young,
a copycat.
Sorry, Mucky Puppy.)
I wore suspenders
before they were considered
A Fashion statement.
I think I remember
Her hair was blonde.
I think I remember,
The room was huge.
Ceilings high,
So much so that I still dream
of hanging from them.
She had handed out
Thick, and rough.
A million colors.
Anything but pink.
A bucket was produced fr
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 0 0
A letter to Shane
I don't know if you remember me.  We met at a carnival.
You sauntered up to me, a funny smile and hair a mess from your last ride.
"Need some help?"
Ashamed as I was, I refused.
I don't know if you remember, but when I got up, the mud made such a loud 'squish' that you laughed. It sounded like a fart, and those are always funny.
"What's your name Hun?" You asked, flashing me a smile with pearly white teeth. I glared at you, but you didn't see. The taste of fairgrounds was in my mouth, and I'm sure it showed. As grits in my teeth.
I laughed a little. Did you hear it shake?
"Figure it out." I told you, wiping the dirt off my overalls. I thought that would be the end of it. You stopped for a moment, giving me just enough time to walk as far as the next booth.
"Oi! Muddy!" You yelled as I ran my hand across the table, scraping off the dirt. I glanced up, unthinking. You smiled as you caught up. "So that's your name? Muddy." You looked me over, breathing in deep satisfaction.
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 0 4
A conversation with God
Some like to think that creating the universe was easy. That He woke up one morning and after combing his great godly hair and inventing water to splash onto his godly face, he grabbed a cup of coffee and thought about a universe. So it appeared.
First he thought it needed some light, so it appeared. Then, he thought, this water invention isn't too bad, so he put it on a little corner of the cosmic plate. Then he stuck it in the microwave and set it for a few minutes before heading off to work.
One could only wish it had been that easy.
God picked up his coffee from the counter, and started telling me the story:
"I was planting a tree in my backyard the other day. But the tree needed something, so I made water and Tree drank. But Tree was hungry and cold, so I made a huge ball of fire in the sky to keep him warm. Tree smiled and his many skinny branches burst forth with leaves. And from them came little lizards. They ran to the ground below and grazed, but only the flat toothed lizards
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 1 1
Don't Breath too Deep
He wasn't sad anymore. Sadness was easy, depression was a gift.
No, Mark Cohen was not sad. He was angry. He was hurt, and for once is his horribly numb life it registered.
Mark threw another bottle. What was he doing with his life?
"This is Mark reporting on Vampire Welfare queens who are compulsive bowlers."
Bullshit. He didn't even have a reason to do it anymore. Rent was paid in full. And even if it wasn't the place was too big. He could move into one of the smaller apartments.
And hide. Mark had always been good at hiding.
But that's what Roger said wasn't it? That he was hiding behind his camera.
No, Mark refused to be sad. Anger had power, and anger did not need a reason. But he didn't know who to be angry with.
He turned his camera on. Because that's another thing he was good at; capturing moments he didn't want to remember.
He sat, staring at the cold glass eye. Drank from an open bottle.
"Don't breath too deep." He whispered, his chest tightened from too many violent
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 1 0
I am Multicolored
You know those pencils? The ones with a bunch of colors at the tip and when you write it keeps changing?
That's sort of what my life feels like right now. Every color should stand for something, but rarely does it stand alone.
Red; love. That should make sense right? Or maybe anger? Perhaps those two go hand in hand. Odd thought.
It's blue now. I remember that blue means purity. Like water, or the sky right? Virgin Mary and all that. It doesn't feel very pure. It feels lonely, isolated. Maybe that is what purity is.
Oh, I forgot what yellow meant. Color theory was always lost on me. It looks sickly, but it also reminds me of summer time.
But these colors, oh they keep changing. Even now, can't you see them twirl? That's my life. Love, anger. Loneliness and a sick kind of happy. And hidden in the secondary and tertiary colors are more and more emotions. But white paper.
Detachment. Uncaring.
It always reminded me of the sterile white of a hospital, and the doctor uncaring if you die or
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 0 0
California Love by Li-Kiada California Love :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 7 2 Jerk... by Li-Kiada Jerk... :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 0 0 Banana? by Li-Kiada Banana? :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 0 2 Indie kids by Li-Kiada Indie kids :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 5 5 Doodles of epic porportions by Li-Kiada Doodles of epic porportions :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 2 0 Spectacle, Spectacle by Li-Kiada Spectacle, Spectacle :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 3 2
I remember the sun, I remember it beating down on me. My skin was rough and tanned, my bare feet thick from the onslaught of wood and dirt. I was part of the ground and sky itself.
I remember the tree, taller and more fantastic than any skyscraper could ever dream of being. The leaves made all beneath sparkle with a green, lively tinge. When I was four it was struck by lightning, straight down the middle.
I remember my father saying that it was dead. He said we would need to cut it down. I cried and slept next to that tree for a week after that.
I never saw what my parents saw. When I looked at my backyard I didn't see a badly kept mess. In my eyes it was a Fairie land, holding all the creatures of my imagination, of my world.
Once my mother offered to help me make a treehouse, four years after my father disappeared. She said it would help me get to the top.
She said that we would have to cut some of the tree to make room for my new home.
I said no, and for the first time climbed to th
:iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 0 4
In the Rain colored by Li-Kiada In the Rain colored :iconli-kiada:Li-Kiada 1 15

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I can't stand this. I got a text from her, chilling over at my friends house.
"Somebody saw your painting, they want one too."

Alright, any thing in particular?

"just brown skin and long eyelashes."

So I ran with that, created a damn good painting that took all freaking week (three days sketching, researching and then painting nonstop) and then when I call her to tell her I finished.

"Oh, she's a green freak!"

There's no freaking GREEN!!! motherfucker..... T.T
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Favourite cartoon character: CALVIN AND HOBBES!!!
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